Shoot The Frame is a suite of international photography contests. Our mission is to give photographers the opportunity to showcase their amazing work on an international stage. The talent out there is mind blowing, both amateur and professional photographers are capturing sensational images from all corners of the globe. We want you to show us your work, so we can show the world.

All images are judged ‘blind’, one at a time. This means every single image that you upload is critiqued by Shoot The Frame judges, but we don’t know who the photographer is until we have decided the finalists and winners.

We created this concept in 2012 with Shoot The Face. A year later we launched Shoot The Land and in 2014 we launched Shoot The Wild.

Take a look around, check out the past winners and finalists. Perhaps you would like to enter one of our contests.

Good luck.

 The Three Monthly Awards

Shoot The Face

Portrait Photography Award

The original... created in 2012.

Shoot The Face is an international portrait photography award.

People are awesome… take photos of them.

Shoot The Land

Landscape Photography Award

The second child… created in 2013.

Shoot The Land is an international landscape photography award.

We would love to see the world that you have seen.

Shoot The Wild

Wildlife Photography Award

The cute one… created in 2014.

Shoot The Wild is an international wildlife photography award.

It’s time to get your David Attenborough on.

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