Three retired powerhouses walk into a bar – the result? NYANYE, Kenya’s League of Extravagant Grannies.

The collaboration between Osborne Macharia, photographer, and Kevo Abbra, stylist, proves that you can tell more than a ‘thousand words’ with a picture – you can create an entire past, present and future in their bold, hyperreal tale of three grannies who were movers and shakers in the 1970s but have since retired.

According to Macharia, he and his crew “managed to catch up with 3 of them in Somalia soon after they landed. Little is know about them till now…” – what a hook!

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Nyanye_1Mrs. S Were – former economist and personal advisor to the President, 1972 – 1992.

Nyanye_2Mrs. Kamau Njuguna – former Governor, Central Bank of Kenya, 1980 – 1985.

Nyanye_3Ms. M Adhiambo – former Minister of Trade and Industry, 1972 – 1980.

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