Madlaina Walther’s epic landscape ‘Frozen Cathedral’ received a Shoot The Land Finalist award in January.

It is also a part of her stunning photographic essay; Glacier Caves – Travel Into The Eternal Ice.

Like all great essays, Walther invites you to peek into a new world, discover the ‘unseen’ and consider life from a different angle.

Walther’s simple phrases throughout the gallery gently teach you about this world of ice, and invite you to share the fun of discovery – “do you see the man’s face in the negative space?” – from the caves formation and the atmosphere inside, to the amazing ‘art’ that the shards of ice and flowing curves create.

Take a look for yourself, and enjoy being taken on a journey to this deep majestic world with this fine photographer.

Oh, and did we mention there’s a dragon?… There’s a dragon.

See Walther’s fellow finalists in the Shoot The Land 2017 Gallery.


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