I am a young award winning British photographer specialising in landscapes, interiors and portraits.

My interest in photographing wild landscapes has developed alongside my direct experiences of the natural world through exploring wilderness. I feel I am still somewhere near the beginning of a process of discovery about nature and my own representations of it. My ultimate objective is to produce something that does justice to what I see with my eye: this is a never-ending quest.

I am excited by interior photography and at the same time experienced. Although it is aesthetically far removed from wild national park landscapes, I do see parallels between the two subjects, for example, the way light and shapes interlock and produce something beautiful that appears seamless but is actually far from it.

My portrait photography is of a very particular style. I find generous and close-up images with a focus on the face refreshing as the subjects’ emotions make the picture – not what they are wearing or what they are doing.

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