Ben Mancino was born in 1991 in Troy, New York. Mancino has a Bachelor of Arts (Arts Management) with a minor in business administration at Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts.

“I have always been fascinated by the intricate details of everyday life which give us meaning but often get overlooked. My perspective of the world is refreshing and continually enhances the perspective of those who come in contact with my photography. The simple things in life seem to be what speak to me the most. I tend to stumble across my greatest photographs when I least expect it.”

“Since the very beginning of my photography career I have seen the world in terms of photographs. Everything I see is a potential picture waiting to be captured. I see the beauty in just about everything and capture it for the viewing world to appreciate.”

Mancino’s work has been showcased in numerous regional exhibitions, been published in various newspapers, and art and literary magazines. Mancino has been called the “mass producer of art” by one of his colleagues for being able to produce a large volume and variety of art in a short span of time; none of which lack quality or prestige.

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