DANIEL TAVEIRA was born in Tocantins, central Brazil. In 2010, after putting aside his Masters Degree in Finances from Fundação Getúlio Vargas, in Rio de Janeiro, Taveira, moved to Mexico.

Studying under Nadine Markova, Taveira began to pursue the “decisive instant”, which meant his lenses would capture the uniqueness of everyday moments through light, colors, expressions and emotions. Taveira’s portraits are lavish depictions of humanity’s diversity.

Taveira has exhibited his works at Veracruz Cultural and Social Center, Mexico City, MEXICO 2014; House of Art Gallery, Fort Lauderdale, USA; Art Sacred Museum of Queretaro, MEXICO; Art Sacred Museum of São Paulo, BRAZIL; Art Sacred Museum of Campinas, BRAZIL; Cultural Foundation of Palmas, BRAZIL; Art Brazil 2016, Miami, USA; Coffee Gallery in Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL; Art Brazil 2017, Fort Lauderdale, USA, among other international art centers. Taveira was invited as a special guest to
give a talk on Contemporary Art in Photography and show his work at SPECTRUM Miami Art Show during the MIAMI ART BASEL, USA in 2017. Diversity Museum in São Paulo, BRAZIL; History and Folklore Museum in Olympia, BRAZIL 2018; Coffee Gallery in Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL 2018.

He has been awarded the PRESS CHOICE AWARD AND HONORS AWARD, and OVERALL OUTSTANDING PARTICIPATION, at ArtBrazil 2017 in Miami/Fort Lauderdale, USA.

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