I am a French and Spanish filmmaker and photographer, I live in southern Spain, in Málaga. I was born, brought up, and will die with the poison of photography and film running through my veins.I am a dog’s best friend, though I love all animals and any other form of life in our wonderful planet.

I like spending time with my friends and family, listening to jazz, eating sea food and looking through the window on a rainy day.I enjoy storytelling as well as to create sensations and build emotions, I am a passionate photographer who shoots anything that can  be susceptible of being or becoming beautiful.

Things you can find in my backpack:A Leica MP camera, four white and black  rolls, a notepad, a pen, a pair of sunglasses, an Eduardo Galeano´s  book with short stories, and a picture of my best friend.

The photographed you have selected is a great choice. Toni, “Mendrugo”, or “bread loaf”, passed away a few years back. He was a very much loved person in the island of Formentera, a great cook and a very dear friend, he had people coming from all over the world to enjoy his delicious meals, even top chefs from Catalunya would shop up from time to time. The shot was taken at his home after a good meal, when he sat to relax, smoke, and meditate. Taken on 35mm film, Agfa APX400.

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