Jacob Sacks-Jones is a twenty-one year-old portrait, documentary and fashion photographer from London, working under the name tinite photography. Jacob works in both digital and on black and white film, which he develops himself. Jacob’s interest has always been in people, whether it’s in the glamorous and highly posed context of fashion photography, or, at the other end of the spectrum, in the spontaneous, fast-moving world of documentary. Jacob’s work has been published in national newspapers, featured in text books, exhibited at the National Theatre, and broadcast on television. He has photographed, amongst others, Shami Chakrabarti in her office, Tony Benn smoking a pipe in Trafalgar Square, and Julian Assange at St. Paul’s. He is currently seeking to break into the film industry as a cinematographer. His showreel can be found at jacob.sacksjones.co.uk and his stills photography on his website at tinite.com.

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