Not really sure what to write in bio, Im pretty much self taught as far as using the camera, I went to art school in Chicago many years ago, Columbia school of the arts , I always had an eye for that sort of thing , I could draw pretty well even as a child. I always loved photography, my older sister had a really nice camera but she stopped shooting when she got older, then my sisters husband bought a DSLR when digital came out , I used his camera a few times and was hooked, one thing I did learn was that just because you have a good camera , dose not  mean your a good photographer , theres something about composition , lighting etc, that just takes it to another level.
I started  to freelance a few years ago , I get jobs here and there , but Im passionate about motocross , I used to race , I love any action sports, and its shows in my work, I did a few weddings , but I hated it,  I like to take photos of subjects that I like … different  cultures and lifestyles.
I have an affection for black and white photography , just something majestic about it that I find appealing , a lot of my work is B/W.
Based out of Hawaii, Im fortunate to be able to travel , my sister has given me some amazing opportunities  to do so , she has a clothing line called One Love One Tribe and we travel quite often together selling her line …
I use canon equipment, and Adobe Lightroom to edit , in Bali at the moment , not sure where Ill be next , Lifes an adventure, big love to my sister Bobbie who taught me how to value memories , not things … Jeff

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