I advocate a mindful approach to photography and I am always looking to raise awareness about issues relating to conservation, climate change and the environment. My intention is to inspire an appreciation for the beauty of our world, to help draw attention to the fragility of our planet and the need to protect all living things – not just because of a love of nature, but also for the survival of our own species.

Please see my latest photography and film assignment on a shoot in Sri Lanka. Part of a two year Asia wide I AM NIKON / I AM MY NIKKOR marketing campaign.

I AM | MY NIKKOR Sri Lanka Film – https://youtu.be/BIO6AIPF-j8


I am also a multi award winning professional freelance photographer across multiple genres specialising in travel, nature and wildlife photography, a long time passion of mine. My other work has been widely published and exhibited including on TV, the Mall galleries London and in Singapore, The Louvre Museum, commercial books and self-published limited edition books, National Geographic, South China Morning Post, National Wildlife Federation, Wild Planet Photo magazine, Africa Geographic magazine, CNN and large format advertising campaigns.

I am available for assignments, commissions, prints, photography and post processing tuition, talks, seminars and workshops, mentoring, consultation and agency work through ImageBrief and BrandBrief via www.imagebrief.com http://www.imagebrief.com/p/HqLCwXek and via my website www.truetolifephotography.com

I am always looking for compelling stories to tell in photographs and articles. I am working on publishing my second book about The Cat Survival Trust and their globally relevant climate change message. I am also working with the WWF in Hong Kong to help them document wildlife at Mai Po Nature Reserve, a haven for many species of birds including the endangered black faced spoonbill and some mammals such as the leopard cat and eurasian otter.

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