Juan Francisco Hernández is a Franco-Mexican university professor, writer and self-taught photographer. For 9 years he has lived in Belgium where he divides his time among his family, his work at the Catholic University of Leuven and photography. Among his photographic achievements, he has done the exhibition of a photographic project on bipolar disorder at Ambroise Paré Hospital, he has published photographs in several magazines; his photographs have been selected for the monthly Gallery of “Leica Meet” and one of his photographs appeared in the book that “Leica Meet” published in 2016. In the past he had already been a finalist of “Shoot the frame”. Practice street photography, portrait and documentary photography. He is currently working in two photo projects and about to publish his work in an Austrian photography magazine and has an exhibition on the doorstep. See more of his work on Instagram @the_sisyphus_myth

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