I was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia and the first photograph i made was at school age with a very simple film camera, I think it was a Canon. I couldn’t even imagine at that time that I would become a photographer. It wasn’s even a hobby. But in 2009 I got as a present my first digital camera a Canon 400D and that’s how I found a new hobby, especially after some photographic courses where I understood the basics. The more photographs I made the more it’s became my passion. In 2012 I moved to Florence, Italy to study photography professionally and it was in the  Accademia Italiana. I graduated in 2015.

Now I live in Milan and I’m a freelance photographer specialized in portrait, street style and fashion photography. 

​In December 2016 I took part in Shoot the ​Face competition. I chose woman ​portrait that I like to create the most. In women portraits ​I try to show the strength and fragility at the same time. ​​I always try to build not only a perfect composition, light and choose correct settings, but also to create a connection between me and the person in front of the lens. Taking portraits is always a dialogue not a monologue.

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