Sohail Karmani is a part-time photographer from London and a full-time professor of writing at New York University in Abu Dhabi. As a photographer, he has a keen interest in ‘people photography’ and relishes nothing more than the thrill and uncertainty of approaching and shooting complete strangers. A key feature that he strives to bring out in his photographs is an emotional connection between the subject and viewer. Influences on his work include that of Steve McCurry and Emilio Morenatti — especially their work in South Asia. Other inspirations for his work are the great masterpieces of portraiture from the Flemish and Italian Renaissance periods.

He is currently putting together a portfolio of portraits from his ancestral hometown of ‘Sahiwal’, a city in Eastern Central Punjab in Pakistan. He has only visited Pakistan a handful of times, and after each visit finds himself being lured back by the beauty, warmth and humanity of ordinary Pakistanis.

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