Sourav (Rav) Dasgupta is a passionate landscape, cityscape and seascape photographer based in Sydney, Australia. Through his images, Rav tries to portray the perfection of nature and produce an inspiration for people to appreciate the things that really matter with a contrasting vision of architecture through man-made cities of concrete.
Photography is currently a passion for Rav, not a profession. His knowledge is completely self-taught but his experience is a result of ¬†shooting-and-learning alongside professional landscape and seascape photographers of a very accommodating photographers’ group in Australia. He has been into serious photography and photo editing for about two years. He is a full time Business Intelligence Project Manager and an engineer, and thus, his approach to photography has grown from a technical angle, to an aesthetic sense of fine art.
Rav enjoys the combination of family, friends, photography and travelling. He carries his medium format Nikon D610 Digital Single Lens Reflex camera and his full camera gear with him when he travels. His photography has earned him awards in international competitions like Epson pano awards, Better Photography awards, Focus awards, etc.

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