About the photo: Every two days in Italy, a woman is killed by a man, usually a partner or a spouse, often one she wanted to leave. These homicides are called “femicides”, using a word created years ago in Mexico to indicate a woman killed because of her gender. Giuliano Galiotto is Giulia’s father. She was killed by her husband when she was 30. Giuliano always accompanies his wife Giovanna Ferrari, an activist against gender violence, in her public activities but usually does not take the floor. He told me: “I think about Giulia every second of my life. I miss her so much”.

I’m a photographer and a journalist. I have covered gender, social and environmental topics, as well as foreign affairs, reported from places such as Ethiopia, Albania, India, Greece, Portugal, Italy. During 2016, my photos appeared on Al Jazeera, Vice, El País, Open Society Foundations, the Swiss magazine Azione, Elle, and Pagina99. I won The Pollination Project Grant, named as one of the finalists for the LuganoPhotoDays Festival 2016 and received honorable mentions from MIFA, Photogrvphy Grant, IPA, TIFA, ND Awards.

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