I was born in Grado, a small island in the region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, in 1978. I started to work at the age of 14-year-old and when I was 28 I felt a strong desire to travel. Therefore, I frantically studied all about Far Est countries and I planned my first, crucial trip in the lands of Thailand; Laos and Cambodia. I left the 3rd of November 2008 with my backpack and a video camera in my hands. I travelled for 3 months and half. What I discovered during my trip it was something that, afterwards, get me closer to photography. The intense human exchange with the local tribes, the strong desire to go beyond the simple status of “tourist”, made me feel emotions that I’ve never tried before. In the exact moment I got into that world I understood that I had to capture it. The following year I bought my first real professional camera. I understood that an insignificant photo didn’t show the intimacy between myself and the wonderful things and people that, with my shoot, I wanted to perpetrate. Then I started to study as self-taught the techniques in all its aspects and shades and in these 7 years I learned how to observe, to understand and to shoot. Today the photography and the planning of trips in foreign and undiscovered countries are the most important things in my life. The photos I took till now are exactly what I felt and, with hard work, what I looked for.

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