Hello wonderful people.

We have a couple of exciting announcements to make today. We would like to introduce you to Affinity Photo – Professional Editing Software

Affinity Photo have come onboard as an official partner of Shoot The Frame, and they will be awarding prizes to all Shoot The Frame winners from May 2015 onwards. This in itself is awesome… but… we have more good news.

We, in collaboration with Affinity, have created a separate photography contest for the month of May… It is FREE to enter, and there is a $1000 cash prize.

Here is the spiel…

Affinity Photo and Shoot The Frame have joined forces to celebrate the impending release of the most incredible photo editing platform since… well, ever.

The contest is simple.

It is FREE to enter and there is a $1000 (USD) cash prize to be won. You can enter any kind of photographs; portraits, landscapes, wildlife, seascapes, commercial, underwater…. anything.

The only rule is, you need to edit or adjust your images in Affinity Photo for Mac. Lucky for you, it is still free! Affinity Photo will continue to be in BETA throughout May – you can download the BETA version for free here.

If you have not heard of Affinity Photo yet… no problem. Take a look at the video below, they are changing the game when it comes to photo editing.

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