We are having an exiting month here at Shoot The Frame, and it only gets better.

We would like to introduce you to our new partner, Narrative.

The Narrative Clip is the world’s most Wearable Camera. It allows you to capture genuine smiles, surprised faces and unplanned moments. The folks at Narrative have been generous enough to offer a Narrative Clip to all of the Shoot The Frame winners. They also have a special offer for the whole Shoot The Frame community later this month… which we’ll talk about soon.

Narrative has a really interesting story, they started out as a Kickstarter crowd funded startup. Since launching in 2012 as Memoto, they changed their name to Narrative and haven’t looked back.

The Narrative Clip has been a huge success, and they are geared up to release the Narrative Clip 2 this year.

This is an exciting company, with a product that is rethinking the way we capture images.

We hope you enjoy.